Mission Statement


Broaden the lighting industry by providing a solution that properly illuminates material within a lit frame and targets a variety of markets and purposes.



Situations and solutions


The Luxart frame is designed to fill a gap in the lighting industry, Unlike the traditional clear based lamp with an internal metal tube that houses the power cord.


The Luxart frame lightens up the world with a host creative possibilities, such as:

   • Lit subsurface engraved images or logos

   • Bedside shelving

   • Side table displays

   • Floor lamp art

   • Corporate branding

   • Promotional products


These Are only some possibilities that can be achieved with this product.



what is the Luxart frame?


It's quite simple really. The Luxart frame consists of a frame with internal LED strips assembled within the frame and are completely hidden by the frosted material such as Plexiglas. When the lamp is turned on, the LED light illuminates the area within the frame. The base has an opening comprised of a platform held together by screws under it. This allows material such as engraved optical crystal to be inserted from the bottom. If preferred, shelving units can be made and inserted. the lamp frame can also be utilized for the purpose of a lit product stand to display your precious items.


The wiring and components are completely hidden within the unit. The unit would accommodate a common household bulb which would be covered by a lampshade.  The unit is controlled by a three-way switch to allow just the base to illuminate, the lamp shade area only or the base and lamp together.





The developer of the Luxart lamp frame is offering to license the manufacturing and distribution rights to qualified organizations. These organizations should be capable of producing the product and/or accessing the appropriate markets.



Intellectual Property Protection


The Luxart frame is the subject of Patent Pending in the United States and Canada. Other territories/countries are being considered on an as needed basis.





The Luxart frame is truly remarkable.

The frame can illuminate subsurface engraved material and can display objects with or without modular shelving. Many sizes and proportions are possible for various market sectors.